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About the People

The Fulfulde of Benin are primarily nomadic shepherds, and their lives revolve around their herds. Cattle are their most important possessions. They’re proud to be Fulfulde and are in regular low-level conflict with their neighbors, the Dendi. The Fulfulde occupy the northern and central regions of Benin (Atakora and Borgou regions) and speak Fulfulde, a Niger-Congo language. Women’s work involves caring for the children, daily meals, and household gardens, while men tend to the herds and make their own clothes, an expression of the man’s individuality and personality. The Fulfulde believe that it is a sign of weakness to be fearful, so they make their young boys go through painful and sometimes fatal initiations. Yet they fear being alone or disliked. They tend to hide their feelings and only through songs do they express love and a need for others.

About the Project

We need at least two families to pioneer the work among this tribe. Health, development, or other traditional platforms could provide an entry point to these people. Past efforts to win these people to Jesus have produced a very small number of converts. Much prayer is needed.

People-Group Facts

  • Population: 368,000
  • Language: Fulfulde
  • Religion: Islam

Frontier Stories

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