Rental Rates and Policies

The AFM Center includes beautiful and spacious facilities for training and conferences, as well as a variety of housing. All of our facilities are able to be rented for events (with the exception of weddings).✲ Activities and programs which contribute toward the fulfillment of our mission statement will be give precedence. Insofar as use of any given dedicated space of the facility does not interfere with the ministry for which it was originally intended, we encourage the use of that space. We look forward to sharing our blessing with you!

Our Rates

We offer competitive rates for the rental of our facilities.

Our Policies

It is important to us that you follow our policies when you rent the AFM Center. In order to have your Rental Application accepted, you must agree to our policies.

Payment for Rental

As a a non-profit corporation, AFM can ONLY accept payment in the form of checks or credit cards owned by non-private organizations. AFM does not accept personal checks, credit cards or cash for rental payments.

Contact Information

For any questions, contact the Facilities Coordinator by calling 269-473-4250. You may also email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


✲AFM is a non-profit corporation exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The AFM Center will only be leased or otherwise made available to another tax exempt charitable institution, charitable trust, non-profit educational institution, and then only if the leasing and exempt charitable entity will use the AFM Center solely for the purpose for which the non-profit charitable entity is exempt.