VMC Pre-Training Tasks

To begin your training experience with Adventist Frontier Missions, you will need to submit a few documents to our training director. Once these forms are submitted, your registration process can proceed.

1. First Step: Bible Knowledge Inventory

Please complete the Bible Knowledge Inventory Request There are 101 questions in the inventory and the entire inventory must be completed in one sitting. Please set aside adequate time to complete the exercise. You will be asked for a password which will be supplied to you by the Training director. The inventory will be scored upon completion and a copy of the results will be sent to you after they have been reviewed by the training department. Results will be used to help you to sharpen the focus of your Bible reading and study as you prepare for mission service.

2. Second Step: Complete Training Prerequisites

At orientation you were given several assignments that are to be completed before you come to training. These training tasks are outlined here in the recommended order of priority by class.

There are several forms you will be asked to fill out. You only need to submit one response per family.

3. Third Step: Register for Training and Arrange for Child Care (if applicable)

This Form is for Volunteer Missionary Candidates (VMC) to register for the Summer Institute of Frontier Missions (SIFM) training, request housing, sign liability waver and agree to AFM code of conduct.
You are responsible for making arrangements for childcare during training. Please talk to your supervisor for assistance and suggestions.

4. Watch As You Have Time

Please view the lectures by Ty Gibson and David Asscherick presented at Andrews University for Week of Prayer 2013 (Asscherick) and 2015 (Gibson) and reflect on the Character of God and His Story presented in the word. Please come to training prepared to discuss the what you agree with, what you might disagree with and what might be useful to you as missionary.

Please also watch this presentation on prayer by Pavel Goya.

Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare yourself for more effective mission service!  we look forward to serving you at summer training.