Career Missions

What does Career Missions look like?

You are a single person or a family up to the age of 35 (some exceptions made) who wants to commit 6-10 years of your life to church planting among an unreached people group. You might be a teacher, a mechanic, a business person, a theologian, or one of many other professions. Regardless of your occupation, you are a committed, baptized, Seventh-day Adventist Christian who loves Jesus. You see the vast need in the world for the gospel to be shared among all peoples, nations, tongues, and people groups, and you want to have a part in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). You are ready to commit a significant portion of your life to sharing the good news with those who have never heard it so that a great multitude from all lands will be found in heaven, rejoicing in the fact that God has saved us all from sin and death through Jesus Christ.

God is calling you to go to an unreached people group, learn their heart language, gather insights from their culture, and share the love of Christ in ways that are clear, winsome, and understandable. You will develop Bible studies and ministry materials that will reach and disciple your people. As local believers unite with you in worshipping the Savior, you will train and mentor leaders, bringing them to a point at which the newly established church functions independently of the missionaries and has branched out to plant other churches. This process will take several years to accomplish, but you have committed your life to following the Lamb and serving His children. You are committed to a career in mission service.

We will guide you towards building a strong team who will support you with funds, prayer and encouragement. We will equip you with the knowledge and training you will need to succeed in the mission field. We will support you once you reach the mission field with encouragement, guidance, and prayer.

The unreached are waiting to hear the gospel. Why not start the process of becoming a career missionary today?

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