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Why Are We here?

We are here to reach the unreached Thai Buddhist people of Isaan. AFM primarily focuses on reaching the unreached by helping people/people groups experience a worldview change. The way an individual or a group sees and understands the world around is their worldview. It’s also the lens through which they…

April 2019 Newsletter

To our dear Pendjari Project Partners, Friends, & Family: “I think God is calling us to overseas missions.” The statement hung in the air as we walked out the camp road, enjoying our typical evening stroll together. It was a feeling that had been growing in my mind for well…

Our First Days in Asia

{image-1} In Amsterdam, waiting to board our flight for India. {image-3} Our pilot went an hour out of the way to avoid Pakistani airspace. On our layover in Amsterdam, we met Pradeep, a Hindu businessman who struck up a conversation with us and gave us advice on getting a good…

Sliger, Jason & Midori

Career Missionaries since 2019.

Student Missions

h4. Answer God’s call to GO! Ready to give a year of your life in service to others overseas who don’t know Jesus? Are you ready for the spiritual adventure of your life? The AFM student missions program is designed to assist you in this task. h4. What will I…

Dream Project

Jesus Christ is appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions, inviting them to follow Him. AFM seeks to reach them through a special website and other social media.

The Month of March

It’s all wrapping up so fast. It seems I’ve blinked and seven months have passed already, yet at the same time I’ve experienced some of the fullest, most slow-moving moments of my life during my time here in the Maghreb. Nearly the whole month of March was spent with one…

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