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Tirados at Spring Meadows SDA

Tirados at Lake Wales SDA

Candido, Liliane

Human Resources and International Field Operations Assistant

Selfless Giving


Be One!


Barakahs at Frankfort SDA

Have It All

When you were little, what did you want to be? A police officer, perhaps, a ballerina, or maybe an astronaut? Many children have such lofty career aspirations. I wanted to be a circus performer when I was young, soaring and tumbling through the air on a swinging trapeze. Some of…


Thank you so much for your generous donations that allowed us to purchase a 2018 Toyota Innova. The vehicle is similar to a Toyota Sienna, except three-fourths of the size. Our little minivan has been hard at work, loaded with luggage to see friends off at the airport and piled…

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