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Gobles SDA Church


Elmhurst SDA Church


Advent Hope


Church service at Pittsburgh SDA Church


Attacks and Triumphs

“We have missed singing. Can we come to your guesthouse and sing together on Sunday?” Ping asked. On term break, we finally found time to visit our friends in our old city. They jumped at the chance to go out to eat with us. One texted that they would like…

Preparing for Missions

God recently re-framed “support-raising” for us. During orientation, we came to understand and appreciate AFM’s unique approach: build a support team regardless of financial donations. As a team, we support each other through our individual spiritual journeys. Additionally, we are realizing this process is preparing us for future experiences. Support-raising…

Looking for an Opening

Aydemir faithfully attends our meetings and works to improve our social media and internet outreach. But he is in Turkey without permission and is hiding. If he tries to pass through a border to exit the country, the authorities will likely discover him and deport him to Iran, where he…


A “like” or some emoticon is the most common reaction to posts on our social media. But sometimes readers also leave comments. One response we do not see very often is a written prayer to God. But it happened. I had written a post encouraging believers to pray to understand…

The Cat’s Curse

“I love you, Mom!” Rose reached her four-year-old arms up towards her mother, Jasmine, who picked her up, embracing her and kissing her on the cheeks. “I love you too, Rose,” she said affectionately. There was always a lot of chatter and warmth in Rose’s house, and she loved being…

Bound for the Promised Land: Introducing the Waters

“Lord, if you want us to go to the Levant, maybe you could have hymn 620 played again at church this Sabbath,” I prayed in desperation. About a month had passed since our orientation with AFM, and we still did not know where God would have us work. The suspense…

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