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Providence SDA Church


Destruction was all he wanted. Not his own destruction, but the destruction of that great city. He was asked to visit and warn the city of its upcoming demise. Instead, he ran the other way—or tried to—until he was tossed overboard from a ship and was convicted to head in…

Move Forward—Hindsight is so 2020

Last year brought new revelations about life that few of us had previously considered. The government enforced lockdowns, huge numbers of people were put out of work, and we all experienced social isolation to some degree. Classwork, business meetings and holidays were forced to go online. Practically all of life…

AFM Virtual Campmeeting Webinars

AFM Seminars and Time Slots for the GC Virtual Campmeeting h4. Wednesday, May 19 *Webinar #1:* *Do THIS Bible Study Method to Start a Movement!* Presenter: Elder Laurence Burn, MA (DMiss. Candidate), AFM Training Director Americas 22:00 Asia Pacific 10:00 Euro-Africa 4:00 “Watch now on Youtube”: SYNOPIS: Jesus calls every…

Abbott, Alyssa

Student Missionary from 2021–2022

Holloway, Ashley

Student missionary for 2021-2022

Kelley, Emory

Student Missionary from 2021–2022

Alder, Janelle

Student Missionary from 2021–2022

Fruitful Towers

A story about an Israelite nearly choking on a frog is quite amusing and likely unforgettable in a kid’s imagination. When I was little and my mother was new in the church, some kind person gave her some albums of a dramatized audio Bible. Back then, we used those big…

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