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Pandemic affects us all

Humanity is in a state of flux. Change is inevitable, but it usually doesn’t come as quickly as it has in the last couple of weeks. When last we wrote, we were enjoying meeting with many of you and praying for a new school term among the Tai-Kadai. Now we…

AFM Challenge Online

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Bowers, Jack

International Field Director

The Graveyard is Ours!

This Sunday our local members were scheduled to close on the graveyard property. Then the government of India locked down the country for one day, to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. So we had to reschedule for Monday at 3pm. Three o’clock came and went and we all sat…

Photo Fridays - June 15, 2018-2020

(June 15, 2018) Hello Friends, We have decided to make every Friday from now on Photo Friday. We would like to be more connected with you and apologize for not always doing so. This will enable us to send you something short and sweet every week as well as continuing…

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