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About the People

The Palawano are a tribal group inhabiting the mountains in the south of Palawan. They are cultivators, forest-foragers, and hunters who somewhat resemble Malaysians. The Palawano language varies from region to region but seems to have similarities to Malay. Palawanos live in huts that they make from materials found in the jungle surrounding them. They live in family groups instead of typical villages and tend to live with the wife’s family group rather than the husband’s. These animistic people are controlled by their fear of the spirits, and the children are taught to fear them from their youngest days. Mainly illiterate but bright people, their youngsters have a yearning to learn. On the other hand, the adults have a fear of change and cling tenaciously to the ways of their forefathers.

Frontier Stories

Our Road to Missionary Life

Missionary life humbles us; it keeps us praying, crying, praising, hoping and fully expecting that one day there will be Palawano in heaven because we came . . . and for now . . . stayed.

By: Leonda George
August 01 2023, 10:50 am | Comments 0

Missing In Action

Will you be Found in Action? If you are called upon to give your life, will you be found right where you are supposed to be—in the palm of Jesus?

By: Leonda George
July 01 2023, 8:31 am | Comments 0

Building Bridges

Building bridges connects people to needed resources. Just as this bridge connects villages, we Christians are called to become bridges, connecting others to Jesus Christ as we come into contact with them. May we effectively improve their lives through our influence.

By: Leonda George
May 01 2023, 9:34 am | Comments 0

Deep Darkness

So many still live in deep darkness, fearing people that may eat them.

By: Leonda George
April 01 2023, 2:13 pm | Comments 0

New Horizons

We feel God has called us and equipped us for our work in Mali, and we invite you to continue to partner with us in this exciting new venture to reach the unreached.

By: Seth Miller
March 01 2023, 2:51 pm | Comments 0

The Simple Joys

Their simple joy inspires me to slow down and savor the blessings God brings to my life, to not complain about the daily challenges, but learn to discover the joy in whatever I am doing — like simply carrying boxes or sheets of plywood.

By: Carolina Brooks
March 01 2023, 11:32 am | Comments 0

Embracing Change

If you are thinking about missions and worrying because you do not know what to expect — not knowing might be for the best. God says, “I will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). Take that leap of faith.

By: Ella Foster
March 01 2023, 11:29 am | Comments 0

Swelling River of Confidence

I arrived with a new respect for the locals who would put themselves in harm’s way for a group of overconfident student missionaries who did not even think they needed help.

By: Kari Remmers
March 01 2023, 11:21 am | Comments 0

A Work He is Establishing

I praise God for you and your prayers for us and for the people God has also put on your hearts—the Palawano.

By: Leonda George
January 01 2023, 10:19 am | Comments 0

Maintenance and Miracles

He continues delivering us, and He is growing the faith of our friends like Maman Rupid. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

By: Seth & Sonya Miller
October 01 2022, 9:41 am | Comments 0

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