Rachel Wilson

Student Missionary from 2014-2015, serving the Palawano people of the Philippines.

Hello to all! 😊

My name is Rachel Wilson. I was born and raised in Ocean City, Maryland. I am a half Filipino and American. I love the Lord with all my heart! I am excited to go for Him this coming year as a missionary. I fell in love with doing missionary work after a high school mission trip to Mexico in 2011 where I was re-baptized. Once I graduated from high school, I choose to major in nursing so that I could share Jesus through the ministry of healing. I recently graduated in May 2014 from Southern Adventist University with my AS in nursing. As of June 13, I praise God that I am officially a registered nurse! My life is about to change in a incredible way as I accept God’s calling in my life to be a missionary nurse in Palawan, Philippines. I know this will be a growing experience that will challenge and strengthen my faith. Look forward to sharing my experiences with you! 😊 God bless!

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My Story in Nutshell

*How did I even end up where I am now? Find out how God led me in an awesome and powerful way..

By: Rachel Wilson
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