Yanina Bjeate Catalon

Bjeate grew up as an Adventist in the Philippines. Her father was a pastor, and her mom is a nurse. She has a sister who is two years older than her.

Due to financial difficulties, her mom started working in Norway when she was three months old. From then on, her father had been raising her and her sister, until he passed away. Soon after that, she decided to live with her mom in Norway.

Throughout the years that she has lived in Norway, Bjeate realized many things.
She realized that she never had a personal relationship with Jesus, despite growing up as a pastor’s child, and despite being an active church member in the Philippines.
She also realized that it was painful to grow up without a mother by her side.
Without a personal relationship with Jesus, she easily got influenced by the world, and she grew angry at her mom for the empty mother-bottle that she was left with.

Bjeate felt empty.

God saw her need and led her to study at Matteson Mission school in Norway. She is now 19 years old, and is currently a student there.

For the time that she has spent there, she really met Jesus. She knew of Him during her childhood, but this time, she started getting to know Him. Just like the woman at the well, when she met Him, she saw herself as she really is, and was brought to recognize her sin. She realized that her soul was thirsting, and she longed for the Saviour.

She is now learning to offer her cup to Him, allowing Him to fill it, to repair it with His living water, and to fill it so much that the living water overflows to other people’s cups. As she experiences His love for her, she is learning that she receives to give, that she is loved to love. And with this experience, she devotes her life to His service.

Would you like to join her in this journey? In this world that we live in, we’re constantly surrounded by people who are unsatisfied, people who are longing for something to supply the need of the soul, people filled with perplexity and sorrow, people who are victims of quenching their thirst at the fountains of this world, drinking only to thirst again. With your support and prayers, these people would be able to experience what Bjeate has experienced – to meet Jesus, the Desire of all nations, and have life.

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