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The Need

Our sole purpose is to hasten the coming of Jesus by giving unreached people the opportunity to know Him and become His disciples. We are the only Seventh-day Adventist ministry focused solely on the unreached. God’s instructions are clear: His people must take the everlasting Gospel to every nation, tribe, language and people (Rev. 14:6). Then the end will come.

  • There are nearly 7,000 unreached people groups representing more than 2 billion people.
  • Out of every 1,000 Gospel workers worldwide, only 14 serve among the unreached.
  • Out of every $100 given for Christian ministry worldwide, less than one penny goes to help reach the unreached.

Is this status quo acceptable? Absolutely not! Every day, thousands of people die without any knowledge of Christ or the salvation He gave His life to purchase for them. The unreached are waiting for someone to tell them.

Who are the unreached? They are people groups, often isolated behind barriers of geography, language and prejudice, who have no access to Gospel truth because there is no viable Christian presence among them. 86 percent of unreached people groups live in the 10/40 Window, which stretches from northeastern Africa across southern Asia between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude.

Our Unique Approach

AFM works among unreached people groups that have no Adventist presence. Once a solid foundation is established, our missionaries begin discipling and training new believers to carry the work forward.

This evangelism model not only empowers local believers, it enables the Seventh-day Adventist Church to grow and expand in areas previously unentered. Many of the areas where AFM works are highly resistant to the Adventist Church for social, political or ethnic reasons. Our unique cross-cultural approach to evangelizing unreached people groups breaks down these barriers and allows for exponential growth. The key steps of this process are outlined in our Church-Planting Cycle page. When an AFM project is complete, its churches are handed over to the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Adventist Frontier Missions, Inc. is an independent ministry that supports the mission of the Seventh-day AdventistⓇ Church; however, it is not part of, affiliated with, or supported by the General Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsⓇ, or any affiliates known as the Seventh-day AdventistⓇ Church. Thus, any content or opinions expressed, implied or included in or with the services offered by Adventist Frontier Missions, Inc. are solely those of Adventist Frontier Missions, Inc. and not those of the Seventh-day AdventistⓇ Church.

Frontier Stories

I Am Thankful

This time, when I look at all the lit apartments, rather than feeling sorry for myself, I see people in need, people desperate for someone to come and share the gospel, someone who will lead them to Jesus. That someone is me. That someone is you.

By: Mikaela Gorton
November 01 2023, 11:27 am | Comments 0

There is Hope

As Christians, you and I have real hope. Hope for a future without pain, suffering and death. Hope that Jesus will make all things right. You and I can share this hope in Christ with those who do not yet know.

By: Michael Babienco
October 01 2023, 11:05 am | Comments 0

Your Role in the Body

Whatever your role in the body of Christ, labor with all your might.

By: James Petty
October 01 2023, 8:42 am | Comments 0

Faith in Action

Every aspect of AFM ministry depends on faithfulness—from missionaries to new believers among the unreached to donors who support the work, education of children, and AFM’s ministry. Faithfulness truly is a virtue. May the Lord bless all who possess it.

By: Dale Goodson
September 01 2023, 8:37 am | Comments 0

700 Miles of Discipleship

God hasn’t changed. And as we reach out to Him for guidance in how best to support His work, and whether or not that includes becoming missionaries or pledging to support them, He often allows us, as He did Paul, to make those decisions based on principle, then steps in to make minor corrections as we journey forward from there.

By: Dale Goodson
April 01 2023, 10:13 am | Comments 0

The Miracle Text

God is calling His people to go and share the everlasting gospel with the unreached people of the world.

By: John Baxter
March 01 2023, 3:02 pm | Comments 0

Zakat: The Third Pillar of Islam

There are Five Pillars at the core of every Muslim’s duty to worship God. They fortify the Islamic faith and guide every Muslim into a life of servitude. These include shahada (the profession of faith), salah (prayer), zakat (almsgiving), sawm (fasting) and hajj (pilgrimage).

October 01 2022, 8:27 am | Comments 0


What will you do? Will you commit to pray—earnestly pray—for more laborers? Will you give—sacrificially give—from your abundance to support those who will go? Will you be one of those who venture into the darkness, bearing the light, bringing food to the starving, and sharing healing through the blood of the Savior?

By: John Baxter
August 01 2022, 10:54 am | Comments 0

The “Poppy” Seed

Perhaps the greatest lesson of my life is the one they taught without saying a word—a missionary is not a title; it is true Christian living.

By: Erin White
June 01 2022, 8:27 am | Comments 0

It’s the Little Things

Will you trust God and obey His call today?

April 01 2022, 3:21 pm | Comments 0

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