James Arkusinski

James Arkusinski is the Communication Director for AFM.
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Frontier Stories

Editorial: February 2024

You, as a student, can respond to God’s call by taking the gospel to an unreached people group.

By: James Arkusinski
February 01 2024, 9:05 am | Comments 0

Editorial: August 2023

Give your entire life over to Jesus, the Savior and Healer. When nothing else can help, let love lift you.

By: James Arkusinski
August 01 2023, 8:28 am | Comments 0

AFM Launches New Donor System

Instructions on how to use the new donor giving system.

By: James Arkusinski
August 31 2022, 10:06 am | Comments 0

Memorial Service for Marianne Hollister

Marianne Hollister (January 11, 1953 – August 16, 2022)

By: James Arkusinski
August 19 2022, 11:53 am | Comments 0

Editorial: June 2021

The good news is that God promises us escape, and His angels assist us every day in every trial. Lean on Jesus. Trust Him. Deliverance is near.

By: James Arkusinski
June 01 2021, 8:28 am | Comments 0

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