Erin White

Erin White is the Development Director for AFM.
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Frontier Stories

A Tapestry of Prayer

The picture is not complete without you!

By: Erin White
May 01 2024, 8:57 am | Comments 0

Grade-School Missionary

God, grant us all such focused passion and determination to fulfill Jesus’ call to “Go into all the world” with the resources He has already given us.

By: Erin White
December 01 2023, 8:51 am | Comments 0

The Gift of Thanks

Perhaps you are experiencing a dark valley right now. Instead of pushing away those thoughts and feelings, express them to your heavenly Father. As you do, focus on Him: His character, actions and love. Gift Him your thanks.

By: Erin White
November 01 2023, 8:30 am | Comments 0

Banana Victory

AFM missionaries on projects across the 10/40 window are praying for opportunities such as this Overcomer’s Conference. Opportunities to share how victory in Jesus is possible. Opportunities for local people to choose and experience overcoming with the help of Jesus, even amid heavy temptations.

By: Erin White (Laurie Erickson, contributor)
May 01 2023, 8:54 am | Comments 0

The Missionary Body: A Parable

The Head’s message was clear and direct. Would the many members listen, take up their individual duties and unite as one body? Would Missionary Paul finally be able to fulfill the Great Commission? Only time would tell.

By: Erin White
December 01 2022, 10:57 am | Comments 0

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