A Tapestry of Prayer

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Two are better than one . . . a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). If a threefold cord is not quickly broken, how much stronger is one with countless cords? This is the story of just four of the numerous cords intertwined for eternal rewards.

Cyndi’s faith story began with her innocent childhood prayers for missionaries. These prayers ignited a flame of dedication to intercede for God’s workers in distant lands. Her prayers also grew to encompass mission organizations and local outreach. She purposed to cooperate with God in answering her prayers by faithfully supporting missionaries as they serve overseas.


Karen was nurtured by her parents to have an active prayer life. Her journey with prayer paralleled her spiritual growth, leading her to pray for and financially support AFM missionaries. Recognizing the power of corporate prayer, Karen has found solace and humility in united intercession for the success of God’s work around the world.


From childhood, Verna has witnessed God’s faithfulness in answering prayers. Verna dedicated herself to praying for missionaries, convinced that their safety and success were intricately linked to the petitions of faithful prayer warriors like herself.


With these faithful prayer warriors’ support, the Haywards embarked on their AFM mission journey with hearts attuned to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. Guided by divine prompting, they cultivated relationships in Thailand, including one with Mook, a young Buddhist woman hungry for spiritual truth. When Mook became discouraged and cut off communication, the Haywards and their prayer warrior supporters remained steadfast in prayer, trusting in God’s timing and sovereignty.

As the months wore on, Mook’s absence weighed heavy on Dorothy’s heart. Her conviction to persist in reaching out to Mook never waned. Finally, after a year and a half of silence, Mook responded; her heart softened, and her hunger for truth reignited. Through the unwavering love and collective prayers of Dorothy and dedicated prayer warriors, Mook returned to a relationship with Jesus. Mook now eagerly shares God’s love with her friends through Bible studies.

In the intricate tapestry of God’s providence, Cyndi, Karen, Verna, the Haywards, and Mook are threads interwoven by prayer. Their stories intertwine, forming a testament to the power of faith-filled prayer in mission success and illustrating how faithful intercession can transform lives, mend broken hearts, and illuminate the path to salvation.

The individual faith journeys of Cyndi, Karen, Verna and the Haywards demonstrate the interconnectedness of united prayer and work. The Haywards obediently answered the call to “pray and go and keep praying.” Others answered the call to “pray and give and keep praying.” This tapestry of prayer, support and labor brings true success to any mission project. As faithful supporters mingle their prayers with that of AFM missionaries of all projects, thread by thread, the tapestry grows. I invite you to join your threads through prayer and purposeful financial support of missions. The picture is not complete without you!

Author’s note: Be watching your mailboxes for another story from AFM about how God responded to a missionary’s prayers long ago, and the impact those prayers still have today.

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