Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill is the Editor for AFM.
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Frontier Stories

Editorial: April 2024

Experience the joy in heaven over a newly saved soul because you took part in Jesus’ parables.

By: Bryan Hill
April 01 2024, 8:39 am | Comments 0

Editorial: March 2024

Your life is a witness that God is alive . . . in you. Now, go. Testify.

By: Bryan Hill
March 01 2024, 8:26 am | Comments 0

Editorial: January 2024

Unlike those TV ads that say, “Offer good while supplies last,” God has an endless supply of love — enough for every human who has ever lived (John 3:16-17).

By: Bryan Hill
January 01 2024, 8:41 am | Comments 0

Editorial: December 2023

Imagine bringing hope and wholeness to a single life or a people group in 2024. Imagine becoming a missionary. Imagine reaching the unreached. Pray. Give. Go!

By: Bryan Hill
December 01 2023, 8:46 am | Comments 0

Editorial: November 2023

God’s blessings to you and all whom you love.

By: Bryan Hill
November 01 2023, 8:28 am | Comments 0

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