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About the People

Greeks are 97% Greek Orthodox in religion. During Ottoman domination, the Greek Orthodox church preserved the Greek language and cultural identity, and though religious freedom is officially guaranteed, Greeks cling tenaciously to their traditions and history. At the same time they are sophisticated Europeans who are, in general, quite secular. Suspicious about American religions, they do not respond to direct evangelism but rather approaches based on close personal relationships.

About the Project

Greece, roughly the size of Alabama, sits on the southern end of the Balkan peninsula and borders with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Aegean Sea, and the Ionian Sea. Africa, Asia, and Europe meet near those borders where democracy, western philosophy, and the Olympic Games have their birthplace. Nearly 2,000 islands surround the mountainous mainland and the country has become a popular tourist destination. Greece enjoys a high standard of living and is a member of the European Union.

People-Group Facts

  • Population: 11,304,000
  • Language: Greek
  • Religion: 97% Greek Orthodox

Frontier Stories

Come to Me

I was finally done with all my school work and some of the house cleaning and had just started ironing when I remembered I needed to call Kristina. It had been a couple of weeks since …

By: Lina Martinson
April 01 2012, 12:08 pm | Comments 0

Art Class

I truly like art, but my Tuesday-morning art class is a weekly three-hour test of my patience.

By: Lina Martinson
February 01 2012, 11:08 am | Comments 0

Winter Harvest

Greece is famous for its hundreds of sun-washed islands with crystal-clear water lapping pristine beaches, warm enough for swimming nearly all year. More than 16 million tourists make Greece their holiday destination …

By: Yannis Martinson
January 01 2012, 7:27 am | Comments 0

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