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Image for A Picture of Love

A Picture of Love

Jesus didn’t just come to save adults and show them His love. He also cares about children.

Marcus Donesky
April 1st, 2021

Image for Year Two in the field!

Year Two in the field!

As the Lord gives me opportunity, I will launch again to an unreached mission field someday.
Until then, I am soaking up and appreciating every moment of my final six months in Palawan.

Laressa Farnsworth
April 1st, 2021

Image for A Little Grass Hut

A Little Grass Hut

All of us could see many ways God had intervened to save the program. And I learned firsthand how much God cares about our seemingly insignificant problems the day He answered my prayer by sending a little grass hut to serve as a stable.

Jared Ratcliff
April 1st, 2021

Image for Praying for Purpose

Praying for Purpose

Friend, if you have something in your life that is giving you trouble or causing a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction, pray about it.

Daniel Warner
April 1st, 2021

Image for A Day at School

A Day at School

As Christians, we have nothing to fear because Christ’s light shines in darkness. But for people who live without knowledge of Him, fear is a natural response.

Lindsay Rodgers
April 1st, 2021

Image for If You Give God a Challenge

If You Give God a Challenge

God delights in being amazing.

Eve Wyler
March 18th, 2021

Image for A Worker with God

A Worker with God

Please stop and pray for Nama and the many Malinke people who are frustrated with Islam.

George Tooray
March 1st, 2021

Image for Potential


Long ago, the Psalmist wrote, “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. . . . How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!” (Psalm 139:16-17 NLT). We believe that God’s thoughts for Chang and his family are precious and that He sees all their potential.

Jared Wright
March 1st, 2021

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