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Image for Christmas in the Jungle

Christmas in the Jungle

As the children arrived for school and began singing praises to God, their voices drowned out the drumming.

Seth Miller
February 1st, 2020

Image for Gifts from God

Gifts from God

Maybe you, dear friends, have been our actual training. Through your love, you taught us how we can be gifts of God here where the European and Asian worlds meet, in the land of hospitality, traffic chaos and boisterous music. Please pray that we can rise to the challenge!

Otilia Stroia
February 1st, 2020

Image for I Am With You —Part II

I Am With You —Part II

From that day onward, Fatima told every visitor about how Jesus had shown Himself to her and spoken to her.

Brenda Mays
February 1st, 2020

Image for Kakounsi Island

Kakounsi Island

“Your arrival will reignite the Christian flame that was extinguished. In all ways, we are very happy and open to your message.”

Fred Coker
January 1st, 2020

Image for One Memorable Day

One Memorable Day

Life here in the PNG bush is often slow and peaceful, but it is also uncertain and full of challenges.

Orion Lawrence
January 1st, 2020

Image for The Coconut Incident

The Coconut Incident

What kind of lessons do young, impressionable minds learn from being pummeled? They certainly don’t learn love, kindness, mercy or self-control.

Stephen Erickson
January 1st, 2020

Image for Chumpri’s Miracle

Chumpri’s Miracle

Many of the symptoms were similar to those he’d had with the hepatitis. I began to wonder if the results of the test had been accurate.

Cara Greenfield
January 1st, 2020

Image for Up the Mountain

Up the Mountain

It was sweet to be able to experience the victory as a group. I couldn’t help but think of what it will be like to celebrate on Mount Zion someday with harps and crowns.

Kyle Tumberg
January 1st, 2020

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