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Image for A Heavenly Melody

A Heavenly Melody

Shannon invited me to go for a walk with her, where she dropped the bombshell announcement that she was pregnant (or at least, that’s what the tests were saying). W-H-A-A-T? I was shocked!

Christopher Sorensen
May 1st, 2023

Image for The Burden Bearer

The Burden Bearer

We are still learning over and again not to rely on our own strength but to guide others toward Christ, the infinite source of strength.

Carly Tirado
May 1st, 2023

Image for Simon Still Carries the Cross, Part 2

Simon Still Carries the Cross, Part 2

Please pray the hearts of Simon’s people will be touched and that his dream of a Christian community of Great River People in his area will be realized.

As told to Joshua Lewis
May 1st, 2023

Image for Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Building bridges connects people to needed resources. Just as this bridge connects villages, we Christians are called to become bridges, connecting others to Jesus Christ as we come into contact with them. May we effectively improve their lives through our influence.

Leonda George
May 1st, 2023

Image for Big Faith

Big Faith

As we reflect on Uncle Somneuk’s journey, we thank God for Khru Aw’s groundbreaking work. We pray that more people in Ban Song may join Uncle Somneuk in trusting Christ in the face of fear, daily challenges and uncertainties

Brian Wilson
May 1st, 2023

Image for One Picture

One Picture

God is in control of absolutely everything. I can only do my best and trust Him to do the rest.

Rene Theunissen
May 1st, 2023

Image for The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

I was reminded that God will use us at any moment, so be ready.

Eileen Cardona
May 1st, 2023

Image for A Healing Touch

A Healing Touch

Friendship and Christian love can go a long way to reach the heart of a committed Buddhist, but the Holy Spirit can break through any barriers the enemy may strive to keep in place.

Dorothy Hayward
April 1st, 2023

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