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Featured stories from the most recent issue of Adventist Frontiers.

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Timras is in an area where we hadn’t been before, and I am very thankful to have new contacts there.

Carrie Hann
July 1st, 2020

Image for Gebi the Mission Cat

Gebi the Mission Cat

As much as I love Gebi, there is Someone who loves each of us far more. Whether you have been good or bad, He is always finding new ways to let you know He cares.

Justina Thomas
July 1st, 2020

Image for Home by Suppertime

Home by Suppertime

Right now, this planet is going through labor pains, and to-do lists have come to a halt.

Eric Tirado
June 1st, 2020

Image for Other-Worldly Peace

Other-Worldly Peace

We will truly be “a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men” (1 Cor. 4:9). It is my prayer that we all can experience God’s true other-worldly peace no matter what situation we find ourselves in so that others can be drawn to Him.

Kyle Tumberg
June 1st, 2020

Image for The Ladder

The Ladder

If this family, the laughingstock of the whole village, could be transformed by Jesus, maybe the entire village would follow.

Joshua Lewis
June 1st, 2020

Image for Tukews and Visions

Tukews and Visions

We are humbled and amazed to realize anew that God pre-ordained that we be here in this place at this time to do this work! God’s desire is that the Palawano truly learn the story of His salvation and pass it down the generations until His return.

Leonda George
June 1st, 2020

Image for God’s Grace to Buba

God’s Grace to Buba

God used you, His church, to send the missionaries and bless Buba. I am thankful to God and to you for the opportunity to share His love here in Palawan.

Seth Miller
June 1st, 2020

Image for Silver Linings

Silver Linings

We have been in awe as God has brought victory out of despair before our eyes so many times.

Brenda Mays
June 1st, 2020

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