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About the People

The Pendjari area in Benin and Togo encompasses six tribes—the Anufo, Berba, Gourmantche, Niende/Mbèlime, Natemba and Bulba—with a total population of about 280,900. Originally, they come from Burkina Faso and, before that, Mali. They migrated into Benin sometime in the past thousand years. Their tribal languages are similar, part of the same Niger-Congo language family. The people are famous for their diligence and capacity to work. Most are subsistence farmers and hunters.

These tribes are primarily animistic, meaning they seek to manipulate the spiritual world by gifts, sacrifices and charms. They worship a sun or serpent god through the mediation of fetishes and ancestral spirits—demons in disguise. When people want something, they make sacrifices to ancestors or fetishes who take their request to the sun god. Also, these demons frequently demand sacrifices for themselves.

When bad things start happening to a family, they go to a spirit medium. He taps a stick on the ground to invite spirits to speak through him and tell the family what to do. Maybe a deceased great-great-grandfather is feeling neglected and wants a sacrifice so he can “eat meat.” In tribal beliefs, dead relatives can be very demanding and often drive their families into poverty. Satan has these poor people so firmly under his control that they know no other option but to obey, or he will bring even more evil upon them. The details of this belief system vary for each of the six tribes, but they all suffer equally under demonic bondage. These people need to know about the one true God who is far stronger than their fetishes and ancestral spirits.

About the Project

These tribes live in an area of northern Benin centered around a triangle of three towns interspersed with small villages. None of these tribes are yet reached. No tribe members are Adventist Christians, and there is no other outreach work among them. There are no Bible translations in their language, though New Testament translations are underway in two of the tribal languages. The Holy Spirit is moving among these people who have traditionally been highly resistant to outsiders. Fidel and Suzy Baldwin-Noutehou have been working with the Pendjari people of Benin, West Africa, since 2014, witnessing to her friends and working in and around the towns of Tanguieta, Matrie and Cobly through friendship evangelism, medical care and health education.

Please join this missionary team with your spiritual and financial support. The team is greatly in need of committed prayer warriors who will take the responsibility of directly praying for their protection and success. Only through much fervent prayer will this project be completed successfully. Committed donors are also needed.

People Group Facts

  • Population: 280,900
  • Religion: Animism
  • People Groups: 6
  • Languages: Niger-Congo language family

Frontier Stories


The Bible says that all things work for the good of those who love God.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
December 01 2022, 4:20 pm | Comments 0

Timely Generosity

Thank you to everyone who made these vehicles possible.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
October 01 2022, 8:31 am | Comments 0

The Scorpion Bite

Satan is always working to destroy and often uses dreams and other methods to attack brothers and sisters. But God is faithful to deliver when we call on Him for help. He is always the Victor.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
July 01 2022, 10:18 am | Comments 0

A Tribute to You

Thank you to all that have supported and continue to support the work in Benin and the other projects in the world. Thank you for all the prayers that you pray for our work and that of other projects. God is working mightily in response to your prayers. May you be richly blessed in all you do. 

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
May 01 2022, 10:34 am | Comments 0

Ten Days of Prayer

God proved Himself King of kings and God above all. Please continue to pray for our ministry, God’s children and the people He still yearns to deliver.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
April 01 2022, 3:16 pm | Comments 0

They Heard It for Themselves

Three weeks later, when Fidel thought the time was right, he visited their village and taught them about Jesus. They confessed their faith in Him and committed to knowing Him better. Please pray for this new group.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
March 01 2022, 10:57 am | Comments 0

The Sabbath of Attacks

“Wow, Satan really does not want us to go to women’s ministry.”

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
February 01 2022, 10:30 am | Comments 0

Clarisse Revisited

Although we did not realize it earlier that day, God sent an angel to return Clarisse to us for deliverance.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
January 01 2022, 12:21 pm | Comments 0

A Mother’s Faithful Prayer

Satan is doing his best to attack the people of God. Prince was attacked because his father was supposed to participate in a religious ceremony and had not attended. Satan is not happy when believers disrupt his territory and those who serve him.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
December 01 2021, 10:10 am | Comments 0


Finally, Clarisse was able to speak. She confessed that Jesus was the Lord of her life. With more rebuking and praying, she was slowly able to get up and, even more slowly, walk around the room.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
October 01 2021, 10:07 am | Comments 0

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