Pendjari Project Agro-Industry in Tanguieta

Project Report

This project is fully funded.

May 2019 Update:

Our mason finished the water tower for the garden, and we got the tanks up and piped. The plumber has been here a lot trying to get all the pumps in and working. We now have four pumps—one electric/solar panel and one run by generator in each well. The garden is going okay. We had low-water-pressure issues last week, but the plumber came and fixed it. Almost every day the guys take the veggies they collect into town to sell. Green peppers are the best sellers. We can get 14 to 20 dollars in one day just for those.

Initial Proposal

Limited resources with which to support local Bible workers will be subsidized through agro-business, specifically building up a farm with goats, sheep and fish in order to empower local Bible workers to support themselves as they share the gospel with their neighboring villages.

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