Tetonga Well

Project Report

Funding for the Tetonga Well project was completed January 2019. Thank you!

MARCH 12, 2019 — Last week we got the wells drilled both for Tetonga and for the fishpond/garden.

And there was lots of water that came out of both of them . . . both at about 50 meters. Tetonga took a long time to drill as it was rock from top to bottom but that is good and it will not collapse. And the one here at our base just outside of Tanguiéta took a few hours since it wasn’t rock but they did pass by some rock at the end. But they said there was more then enough water for all our needs, and the well drilling cost more than was planned. These guys were really professional and you could tell it. Anyway, it cost a bit over 4,000 dollars for each well.

Fidel left yesterday to Ouagadougou in Burkina to buy two solar water pumps . . . one for us personally and then one for agro-industry. Those were priced almost double for the original ones . . . about 2000 dollars, but we won’t be tied to water when there is gas. We finally chose a hand pump for Tetonga for the time being. We also acquired the necessary accessories needed for the solar pumps. Plus, the technician will come from Ouaga to install them.

The garden is growing well. But the guys are using about 8,000 liters a day to water. The onions and red pepper have been transplanted. Okay, most of it. And we are waiting for more water to transplant the rest.

On Friday the pastor is coming to do an evangelistic series in tetonga.


Tetonga is a church that was started about three years ago. Until then most of the members were Catholic or animists. When Fidel arrived, he prayed and one of the villagers experienced freedom from demon harassment. This gave birth to the group.

However, new Tetonga SDA church members were refused access to the local water pump where they could get clean water, forcing them to go to the river and get water (during the rainy season). During the dry season they had to dig down into the river bed to collect water. They would dig and wait for water to seep into the hole and then collect it. Suzy and Fidel have asked other organizations in the are to help and drill a well but to no success. Addressing this need will show to the new church members that they have not been left abandoned to their own fate.

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