The Scorpion Bite

It was early in the morning, and we received a call from the wife of Jo, one of our workers. Jo had been stung by a scorpion. Stings like those are nothing really new here, but we told her to get charcoal, grind it up, mix it with water and plaster it onto the area that hurt. Since the charcoal was being applied to completely closed skin, it did not need to be clean; any charcoal would do, particularly since ours has no additives.

Jo’s wife followed our instructions, but that night she called back and told us that her husband’s health was not getting better and the pain was still just as bad. Fidel realized immediately that this was not just a case of a simple scorpion sting since the pain is usually gone after 1-3 hours. No, this was a Satanic attack. Fidel started praying for Jo, first with his wife and then with Jo directly over the phone.

Fidel learned that Jo had had some bad dreams about someone he knew and that in those dreams he was being attacked. Because we were in the south of the country at the time and could not go to Jo’s home, Fidel called a couple of the evangelists and another worker and told them to go and pray for Jo. When the brothers arrived, they started praying and rebuking Satan. The pain went away, and Jo quickly regained his health.

Satan is always working to destroy and often uses dreams and other methods to attack brothers and sisters. But God is faithful to deliver when we call on Him for help. He is always the Victor.

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