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Moniqua was just a baby when her mother died. Her aunt and grandma took charge of her, bringing her into their house. But neither of them had breast milk or money to buy milk or formula. Because of lack of nutrition, Moniqua didn’t grow as tall as would be expected, although she is quite healthy; she is just short. 

When her aunt married, Moniqua lived with them for a few years. They always took her to church. When she was about nine, her aunt and her husband moved into town from the village. Moniqua then moved back in with her grandma so she could help her as needed.

While living with her grandma and the second wife of her grandma’s husband, the two women decided Moniqua was old enough to receive the spirit of sorcery. They initiated her and gave her the spirit. As a young girl of 10, Moniqua built a small altar of rocks under a mango tree. There, she would sit and cast spells. Whatever she requested, Satan or the spirit would act and do. She cast a spell on her aunt and her husband. Her aunt and her aunt’s children suffered greatly last year with illness. The husband, a Christian, only suffered financial harm; his salary mostly went to the doctors each week.

Moniqua continued to follow this evil path until, one night, she had a revelation. Jesus told her the path she was following was very bad and to leave it behind, to repent and follow Him. He told her to go and see Brother Fidel, and he would pray for her.

Fidel and another brother, Timothy, had already been to visit her aunt, praying for the aunt during the night. They called a nurse to come and treat her at her house. Her aunt had been in the hospital for treatment many times but always got sick again. But since they prayed, the illness has not returned.

About one month after her aunt was healed, Moniqua returned to church for the first time since leaving her aunt’s house. Fidel preached on breaking the ties with the demons. After the sermon, Moniqua asked to talk to him and said she had been having weird dreams. Fidel and others started praying for her. After the first prayer, she admitted that she had been initiated into sorcery and that the demon was in her heart. As they continued praying, the demon presented itself, and they commanded that it leave her since she had confessed her sins. The spirit left, and she was delivered from sorcery.

Moniqua praised God because Jesus had come to her, telling her to leave the path she was traveling and put her life totally into God’s hands. God is interested in even a small girl led into the wrong path. He was willing to forgive her and save her from the demons who controlled her. He is willing to forgive each of us of our sins when we confess, repent and give our lives to Him.

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