The Susu Chronicles

Featuring Marc & Cathy Coleman

The Susu Project, Guinea, Africa
2-DVD Set — Released 2012

Feature: Muslims experience difficult trials as the convert to Christianity. This DVD set features three half-hour documentaries full of stories chronicling the struggles of new believers in a Muslim culture. Join missionaries Marc and Cathy Coleman as they tell how the Gospel is advancing among the Susu people of Guinea, West Africa, and see why no heart is impermeable to the good news of God’s love. Packed into bite-sized vignettes, this DVD is ideal for vespers programs, Sabbath Schools, and schools, and will be a great addition to your library.

Part One [29 minutes]

  • Guinea Intro I
  • The Secret
  • I’m Selling My BouBou
  • Monkey Attack
  • Get Involved

Part Two [28 minutes]

  • Guinea Intro II
  • Sabbath Trials
  • Teneh’s Story
  • The Story of Ousmane
  • A Day to Remember

Part Three [29 minutes]

  • Guinea Intro III
  • Our School in the Limelight
  • Ibrahima Sylla
  • The Battle for Little Souls
  • Preach and Heal

Extras: Fear of Judgment, Muslim Hearts, We Missionaries Live for This, Songs of the Mission Field. [22 minutes]

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