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Mud Mountains and Miracles

From John Holbrook, missionary to the Tawbuid people of the Philippines, comes this hardback devotional filled with faith-inspiring stories for each day of the year as recounted by John, his missionary family and over 100 members of the AFM and Philippine Frontier Missions teams. Though written for youth, this adventurous devotional is engaging for all.

Escape From the Killing Fields

64 Pages

This is the incredible story of Sovath Sim, a thirteen-year-old Buddhist who asked God for help while escaping from the Cambodian genocide of the late 1970s. Written in a family-friendly style, this is a book the entire family will enjoy.

What God Has Done

Featuring the Baur and Badé family.

DVD — Released 2018

Ulrike Baur and Micheé Badé recount their work and struggles as they and others spread the gospel in Benin among the Otammari and Dendi peoples.

In His Hands

Featuring the Greenfield family.

DVD — Released 2017

Join the Greenfields and their staff on their faith journey through adversity as they minister to the Pnong people and point them toward a brighter future.

Whatever It Takes

Featuring the Church and Clay families.

DVD — Released 2017

Join the Church and Clay families as they grow the Kingdom of God through medical evangelism.

Mission Through Music

Featuring the Sorensen and Tumberg families.

DVD — Released 2017

Join the AFM missionary staff at Peace Music Academy as they share the gospel of life through music in the city Khon Kaen.

AFM Videos Card

Featuring 16 AFM Videos

USB Card — Released 2017

Watch 16 of the latest AFM videos MP4 format, featuring missionaries in action around the world.

Frontier Missions Journal

Featuring 53 AFM mission stories

USB Card — Released 2017

Listen to exciting 15-minute mission stories in mp3 format from around the world, narrated by the missionaries themselves.

The AFM Challenge

The AFM Challenge is an interactive game board and program experience that takes you through virtual missionary training from application to launching into the mission field.  Encounter mission challenges, language and cultural differences, and various faith-building experiences.

The Otammari Project (Part 2): Breaking the Curse

Featuring the Baldwin-Noutehou, Baur-Kouato, and Harral families.

DVD — Released 2017

See how AFM missionaries are bringing the gospel to this tribe and introducing the One powerful enough to break the curse.

The Otammari Project (Part 1): A New Spirit Within

Featuring the St. Clair, Baldwin-Noutehou, Baur-Kouato, and Harral families.

DVD — Released 2016

In a land where voodoo and magical curses cast a deep shadow over everyday life, AFM missionaries are bringing good news of freedom and joy in Christ Jesus.

AFM Classics 2

Featuring 4 AFM Projects

4-DVD Set — Released 2015

This special two-disc set contains a collection of four AFM project videos, each a unique story of God’s work among unreached people groups.

Freeing Thailand & Open Windows

Featuring the Sorensen family and Joshua Lewis

DVD — Released 2015

This double feature tells the story of the Sorensens’ witness to the Khmer people of Thailand and the Christian example of Joshua Lewis amongst the Great River People of Cambodia.

Spiritual Battles in the Birthplace of Voodoo

Featuring Michée & Elmire Badé

DVD — Released 2014

Michée learns firsthand that the battle he is fighting is not against flesh and blood.

Grow a World Changer

Barnabas Hope

166 pages

Equips parents and educators to prepare children for global service.

God is Bigger than the Jaks

Featuring Braden & Johanna Pewitt

DVD — Released 2012

The Pnong live in fear of jaks—spirits that cause fear and death. See how the Pnong came to accept the good news that God is bigger than the jaks.

The Gogodala of PNG: In Search of the River of Life

Featuring Stephen & Laurie Erickson and David & Cindy White

DVD — Released 2009

Surrounded by countless spirits on the lowland rivers of sourthwestern Papua New Guinea, the Gogodala search for meaning,

The Dowa of PNG: The Full Plate

Featuring Dale & Letty Goodson

DVD — Released 2011

Dale Goodson relates how he shared the full plate of the Gospel with the Dowa tribe.

Called to Serve

Featuring Kent & Leonda George

DVD — Released 2011

See how the Georges sacrificed 14 years of their lives to bring the Gospel to the Palawano people.

Poni Province

Featuring Kurt & Margaret Unglaub

DVD — Released 2007

Discover how men and women are sharing their faith in Jesus and growing the Adventist Church in the Poni Province of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

The May River Story

Featuring John & Belinda Kent

DVD — Released 2007

Share the challenges AFM missionaries faced taking the gospel to the extremely remote Iwam people in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Piercing the Darkness

Featuring Brad & Cathie Jolly

DVD — Released 2005

An incredible story of faith, perseverance, and love for the unreached Mongolian people.

Mindoro Miracles

Featuring Tim & Dawn Holbrook

DVD — Released 2010

God is working countless miracles for the Alangan tribe as they accept Jesus Christ. See first-hand accounts of these amazing stories.

AFM Video Classics

Featuring 9 AFM Projects

4-DVD Set — Released 2007

This special four-disc edition contains a collection of nine AFM project videos, each a unique story of God’s work among unreached people.