Frontier Missions Journal

Listen to missionaries retell their stories from the mission field.

One Family in Christ

“One Family in Christ” written and sung by Lewis and Lilly River. © 2023

A Mystery

“A Mystery” written and sung by Andy Murphy.
© 2016

Follow Me

“Follow Me” written and sung by Jacob Bridger.
© 2015

Saving Grace

“Saving Grace” written and sung by Jacob Bridger.
© 2014

Testify Song

“Testify (The Himalaya Song)” written and sung by Christian and Alexa Sharma. © 2011

Missionaries Need Missionaries, Too

Tribute to John Lello & other missionaries who gave their lives sharing the gospel. © 2013 Scott Bennett

George Knight: AFM and Missions

George Knight delivers a sermon on AFM and the mission work.

John Baxter: Madman to Missionary

Listen as John Baxter shares his testimony and gives an interview.

Suzy at the Market

Listen to Suzy as she walks through the Natitingou market.