Frontier Missions Journal

Choose a story below to listen to missionaries retell their stories from the mission field.

E235: Noises in the Night by Hannah Massey

E234: Land Search / Friend in Need by Fred Coker

E233: Two Teenage Girls / Healing Charcoal by Ulrike Baur-Kouato

E232: The Miracle / The Break-in by Bala Patel

E231: Our Call to Dragon City by Lewis River

E230: Helping on the Fly / The Unnerving but Validating Interview / Answered Prayers by Ali Nassar

E229: The Adventures of Gladys and Hudson #5: Gladys and Edith by Christian Sharma

E228: Deliverance from Self or Satan / Crawling, Creeping and Hiding / Sudden Attack / The Baby that Wouldn’t Come Out by Suzy Baldwin