Frontier Missions Journal

Choose a story below to listen to missionaries retell their stories from the mission field.

E165: The Arachnid // My Very Strange Friend by Sophia Frankston

E164: A Miraculous Rebirth // Jahal and the Bible Lesson by Malachi Coal

E163: Gritty Hospitality // Befriending Our Neighbors by David Hicks

E162: A Solar Speaker for Fiago by Edie Hicks and Subleekee by Carrie Hann

E161: Late Night Studies with Taw // The Crabby Sister-in-law by Lily & Lewis River

E160: The Existential Replacement by Malachi Coal

E159: No Is Not An Answer // Tangerines // Vovo Laura by David Hicks

E158: Danger in the Village by Jeff Bishop