Frontier Missions Journal

Choose a story below to listen to missionaries retell their stories from the mission field.

E101: Effective Witness (Part 1) by Ali and Nena Nassar

E102: Effective Witness (Part 2) by Ali and Nena Nassar

E01: The Hunter and the Healer (Part 1) by Barnabas Hope

E02: The Hunter and the Healer (Part 2) by Barnabas Hope

E06: The Forbidden Valley by John Holbrook

E17: She Is Béninoise by James Arkusinski

E24: Even Families Don’t Do That Here by Marc Coleman

E27: Blessings and Blowouts by Ruth Church // Misa by Ruth Church // Timothy by Boaz Church

E28: Dependent and Vulnerable by Don Abbey // Missed Opportunity by Don Abbey // Spirit Work by Janella Abbey

E34: Kids in Benin by Suzy Baldwin // Good Morning Africa! by James Arkusinski

E65: Henry on the Wall by Jonathan Nicholaides. Left for Dead! by Jonathan Nicholaides.