Testify Song

Testify (The Himalaya Song)
by Christian and Alexa Sharma

O Himalayas, white with snowfall
Sparkling like the stars above
Singing sad songs for your children
For what they see when they look up
For in your peaks they see the eyes
Of a deity you’ve not known
While the hand that carved your surface
Longs to break their hearts of stone

Testify, towering mountains
Let your mighty arms point up
Past the temples on your ridges
To the one who reigns above

O crashing river, swelled from snow melt
Rushing through this valley green
Are you singing lamentations
For the lips that drink your streams?
For they bow to kiss a golden
And unseeing face enshrined
While the One who gave you bounty
Longs to flood their dusty lives

Testify, endless waters
Let your curving banks proclaim
That the Spirit longs to fill them
Who are empty and afraid.

O Child of God, who knows my Jesus
And the blessings of His love
Is your heart within you breaking
For the broken of the world
For while they know of gods in thousands
The one true God is still unknown
Will you go bring Jesus to them?
Will you go because He calls?

So testify, you His people
Let the light within you shine
To pierce the darkness all around you
With God’s love, and grace, and might.
So testify, you His people
Let your living waters flow
To reach the thirsty ones, the dying
Who are waiting to know.

They are waiting to know.

© 2011