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Helpful Resources

Helpful links to learn more about missions:

Resources on Bible study for SDA pastors worldwide: www.atsacademy.org

Resources for third culture children: www.expatchild.com

Resources for SDA pastors, preachers and Bible workers worldwide: www.ministryinmotion.tv

Tips and suggestions for sharing the Gospel with your neighbor: www.reachtheworldnextdoor.com

Learn more of the needs of the unreached today: www.perspectives.org

Understand the needs of the unreached of the world today: www.joshuaproject.org

Prayer resources for those asking for the Gospel take deep root in the Muslim world: www.30daysprayer.com

The SDA General Conference Adventist Muslim Relations website: www.gcamr.adventistmission.org/

SDA General Conference mission website: www.adventistmission.org