Featured video: Sia’s Story of Freedom

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. This is a story about spiritual warfare.
The devil came to destroy Sia, but Jesus Christ set her free from demon possession. We want this film to encourage and bring hope to anyone experiencing Satan’s attacks.

To learn more or for help on spiritual warfare:

Runtime — 7:29

Fetching Water with Zacko

Can you imagine doing this chore daily? Some of our missionaries face this challenge every day!

Runtime — 1:52

Asumanna’s Story

Living in a poor village in rural Mali, Asumanna and his family were unreached by the Gospel. Their lives changed forever when they met missionaries George and Theresa Tooray.

Runtime — 5:20

Baptism in Cambodia

A baptism at the AFM Pnong project takes place in a river mountain stream in Cambodia.

Runtime — 1:56

MK Interviews

Caleb Timmins presents interviews with missionary kids in Southeast Asia.

Runtime — 02:21

A Sabbath in Cambodia

What’s a typical Sabbath like in the mission field of Southeast Asia. The Timmins family shares one Sabbath day with you.

Runtime — 02:51

Who Is AFM? An Introduction to Our Mission

Introduction to Adventist Frontier Missions and its vision to reach the unreached.

Runtime — 4:23

Hoga of Gouandè Village

Hoga explains how God healed her and delivered her from the power of the spirits.

Runtime — 1:58

Pnong SDA School Dedication

Cambodia. Christensen Adventist Primary School. Dedication ceremony.

Runtime — 08:42

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