Piercing the Darkness

Featuring Brad & Cathie Jolly

Mongolian Project, Mongolia
DVD — Released 2005

Feature: In 1990, Brad and Cathie Jolly boarded a train for Mongolia and the unknown. They didn’t speak the language or know anyone, yet they went anyway. This Adventist Frontier Missions documentary is the incredible story of faith, perseverance, and love for unreached people. It’s the true story of how God used two AFM missionaries to start the Adventist Church in Mongolia. Piercing the Darkness is a perfect addition to your home or church library. This DVD contains a full-length documentary, special features, and original footage. [52 minutes]

Chapters: The Beginning, Closed Doors, Learning, First Group, Gift of Peace, Sabbath, First Fruit, Until Death.

Extras: The Darhan Story, Personal Testimonies, Deleted Scenes, and Epilogue.

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