Freeing Thailand & Open Windows

Featuring the Sorensen family and Joshua Lewis

The Khmer Project, Thailand | The Great River People Project, Cambodia
DVD — Released 2015

Feature One – Freeing Thailand: Burdened with the need to share the Gospel with the unreached, Chris and Shannon Sorensen launched to the Northern Khmer people of Thailand. Witness how this missionary couple shared the love of Jesus and strengthened the local church. See how their friend Yai Pakamaat stood for Jesus despite ostracism and how the Adventist radio station the Sorensens established brought people like TIradate into a love of the truth.

Feature Two – Open Windows: The Great River People of Cambodia give every foreigner a nickname to match their character. When they got to know Joshua Lewis, they started calling him “Jesus.” By his daily living example, Joshua showed the Great River People how to live a Christian life, winning souls for the Kingdom of Heaven like Navee, who is no longer afraid of the devil or of anyone who would persecute him.

Extras: Extended interviews with Chris and Joshua, Slideshows

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