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Featuring 9 AFM Projects

9 AFM Projects, Worldwide
4-DVD Set — Released 2007

Features: This special four-disc edition contains a collection of nine AFM project videos, each a unique story of God’s work among unreached people. Each story includes a detailed 30-minute version and a short 10-minute version, ideal for Sabbath School.


  • Children of the Forest—Iwam Project, 1996
    The silence of the jungle was shattered by the piercing cries of warriors as they burst from the forest and fell upon each other in combat. Armed with barbed arrows and daggers carved from thighbones, the battle continued until only half were standing. When it was all over, the survivors carried the bodies of their enemies back to their village and ate them. Such was life for Ben’s people until a chance meeting with a stranger changed all of their lives forever! Children of the Forest is the unforgettable story of how the light of God’s Word penetrated deep into the heart of the Papua New Guinea Jungle. It’s the tale of one man’s attempt to share Christ with his own people and the unspeakable tragedy that brought them face to face with the great “Papa God.” See and hear for yourself the marvelous story of one of AFM’s very first projects, spearheaded by the John Kent family.

  • Curses & Blessings—Himba Project, January 2001
    The Himba people, who struggle for survival, live on the edge of the driest desert on earth. In addition to the harsh climate, western culture is encroaching upon their traditional way of life. Recently, the Himba have been asking for someone to teach them about the God of the Bible. Curses and Blessings documents the Himba’s struggle and the beginning of a new AFM church-planting project in Namibia, southern Africa, spearheaded by Gideon and Pam Peterson.
  • A Home in the Clouds—Palawano Project, October 1999
    The high mountain jungles of the Philippine Island of Palawan are home to a mysterious people group called the Palawano. They’ve been known to kill strangers who venture onto their lands. No church has ever existed there. The people have always feared and worshiped spirits. One day, God opened the heart of a village chief who said, “Come over to my village of Kamantian and help us.” With this plea to AFM, God provided a rare chance to touch the hearts of the Palawano. The Ray Spoon and Kent George families answered the call, and the harvest is just beginning. You, too, can now share the Palawano frontier adventure and see their amazing story unfold in A Home in the Clouds.
  • Land of the Upright People—Lobi Project, 1997
    Far away from your hometown is a land where spirits play a high-stakes game for control of people’s lives. Forgotten for centuries, the inhabitants live in fear without hope. See for yourself how two brave families, the Herb Prandles and the Kurt Unglaubs, are bringing hope to the hopeless. Marvel at the ways God uses dreams and other miracles to prepare the way for His messengers In the Land of the Upright People!
  • One Sabbath in Benin—Ottammari Project, April 2001
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to worship with other believers in Africa? Benin, West Africa, the birthplace of voodoo, is home to the Ottammari tribe. Linden and Michelle St. Clair are church planting among the Ottammari. One Sabbath in Benin documents a Sabbath with Linden and Michelle as they meet with three different church groups. Are you ready for the ride?
  • The People Between—Dowa and Gogodala Project, January 2000
    Suspended between the old ways and the new, between life as they have known it and a new world of possibilities, the Dowa and the Gogodala of Papua New Guinea have come face to face with an awful choice. Their millennia-old way of life is at war with their new-found interest in Papa God. Will they revert to the old ways or have the courage to chart a new course? Half a world away in the States, people are praying for them and the missionaries who have gone to help them. Join us in exploring life and missions among the Dowa and Gogodala of Papua New Guinea where the Dale Goodson and Jeff Bishop families are pioneering the gospel.
  • Signs of Change—Alangan Project, March 2000
    Signs of Change takes you to the forested mountains of the Philippine island of Mindoro. It is said that long ago the Alangan could climb a vine all the way up to heaven and visit God, but then they turned away from God and lost their connection with Him. In despair, they turned to the spirits. In their misery, God sent AFM missionaries, Tim, Dawn, and John Holbrook to them. Watch the Alangan’s journey back to the Vine on Signs of Change.
  • Strangers in the Land—Mien Project, November 2000
    Come with us to the mountains of northern Thailand and meet the Mien people. They are wanderers in the world, nomads of noble ancestry with a silvered past. Will they continue to wander in the world that is poised to destroy their culture and their peace? Or will they grasp the golden future that the God of heaven offers them? The David Dill and Brian Wilson families, AFM missionaries, are bringing them new hope.
  • Where Eagles Soar—Tosk Project, August 2001
    Sharing Christ in a country recovering from communism is a challenge unlike any other. The Stan Hendrickson and Rob Wilcox families are church planting among the Tosk people of Albania. They are working to establish a gospel movement among these people who, for so long, were oppressed and devoid of hope. Where Eagles Soar documents their unique personal experiences in Albania and paints a picture of a people hungering and thirsting for something more.

Extras: •Short Sabbath School versions of each of the stories.

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