Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou

Career missionaries since 1999, first serving the Otammari people of Benin and now serving the Pendjari.

Suzy Baldwin has been working with the Otammari people of Benin, West Africa, since 1999, witnessing to her local town of Natitingou though friendship evangelism, medical care, and health education. Her partner in the Otammari project is Ulrike Baur.

Frontier Stories

Bean Ball Recipe

Many of you tasted the Ottammari bean balls I made at last year’s mission rally in Michigan. So many of you have asked me how to make bean balls that I am going to give you the recipe.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
June 01 2002, 3:51 pm | Comments 0

The Health Presentation

When you think you are in over your head, just remember that God puts us in these situations to teach us to rely on Him for our wisdom and strength.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
May 01 2002, 3:55 pm | Comments 0

The Health Program

In the interest of time, we decided to present a shortened version of the first day to the men who had gathered. We had lots of interaction and comments.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
May 01 2002, 3:53 pm | Comments 0

Ministers to Men

I am often faced with the question of how to minister to the single men in our town when they come asking questions about spiritual things.

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
February 02 2002, 3:58 pm | Comments 0

Where are the Reapers?

There are so many waiting to hear the good news that they have a Savior. You may be the very person God is calling to reach those people. 

By: Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou
February 01 2002, 3:56 pm | Comments 0

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