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Image for Editorial: September 2019

Editorial: September 2019

Forgoing this crucial work risks making skin-deep Christians of the unreached—the ultimate camouflage, the ultimate tragedy.

Bill Fagal
September 1st, 2019

Image for But What of God?

But What of God?

Together we can hasten the end of sin and misery—for humanity and for God.

John Baxter
August 13th, 2019

Image for One Big Family

One Big Family

Won’t you be part of this supporting AFM family by giving to the Children’s Education Fund today?

Kiersten Lechleitner
August 13th, 2019

Image for Editorial: August 2019

Editorial: August 2019

God has prepared and equipped Seventh-day Adventists for the unfathomably important work of completing His gospel commission and preparing earth for His triumphal return.

Bill Fagal
August 1st, 2019

Image for The Way of Discipleship

The Way of Discipleship

Don’t forget that you are also commissioned to be a disciple, and one of the ways you can help reach the nations is by supporting missionaries.

Dale Goodson
July 2nd, 2019

Image for Editorial: July 2019

Editorial: July 2019

Called by God, men and women from all walks of life step forward and prepare themselves for the knowns, the known unknowns and unknown unknowns of mission service.

Bill Fagal
July 1st, 2019

Image for Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best

If you have not yet experienced the good, please try to get involved in a short-term mission trip in the near future. Even better, contact us so we can help you serve among the unreached in the coming year. Then be listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit to invite you into the best and highest calling for your life—to make a long-term commitment to living the gospel among people who do not know their Savior.

John Baxter
June 18th, 2019

Image for Where are the Laborers?

Where are the Laborers?

If you feel God’s call tugging at your heart to be a missionary, allow Him to face your fears. Follow Him. He is able.

Susan Payne
June 18th, 2019

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