Pnong Ministry Facility

We are excited to share with you about a new opportunity to grow the work among the Pnong people of Cambodia! The AFM Pnong Project is in need of an all-purpose ministry center to serve as a church for our growing group. During the week it will be used for adult-literacy programs, health seminars, prayer meetings, women’s ministry and more. We are seeking your help to make this vision a reality.

Two years ago, God made it very clear that He wanted us to purchase a certain 2.5-hectare piece of land in the Lauka village area for the church-planting work among the Pnong people. The journey since then has been full of twists and turns, but also the clear guiding of His hand.

After we expressed interest in buying the property, the owner decided not to sell it. We were disappointed, but we knew that God was in control, so we waited on Him. A short time later, the market in the provincial capital burned to the ground. Unfortunately, the property owner’s house beside the market also burned. Not long afterward, he put the property in Lauka back up for sale. He was asking too much, but God was still in control, and we were able to negotiate the price down by almost half. Praise God!

This new property is located just five minutes from the provincial capital and is well situated to serve as a hub for Pnong church-planting efforts throughout the province. In the two years since we purchased the land, its value has tripled. The views from the property are spectacular. We have enjoyed a school campout there, and the site will soon host a province-wide camp meeting as well.

Our missionary colleagues, the Timmins family, built a house on the property that currently also serves as a church. 18 months ago, the church outgrew their home, with more than 40 adults and children meeting each Sabbath.

We feel God leading us to build a dedicated ministry facility on this property. It will be a brick building approximately 8 × 16 meters, and the total construction budget is $55,000. It will serve as a church on Sabbaths, and during the week it will be used for community outreach programs, such as adult literacy, health seminars, stop-smoking seminars, prayer meetings and women’s ministry.

Is God prompting you to partner with us in building this ministry center to advance the Gospel work in our community and throughout our province? He has been leading us every step of the way thus far. Is he leading you to take the next step with us? If so, please contact us.

Call 269-332-4952 with a credit-card donation.

Mail your gift to AFM, PO Box 286, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 (check payable to AFM, and designate to Pnong Ministry Facility).

You can also donate online at Click on the Give button, and under Special Projects, click the Pnong Ministry Facility or use this direct link:

Thank you for your prayerful consideration to help build this ministry facility and expand the work among the Pnong people.

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