Christoph Knauseder

Serving the people of the Pnong project. AFM-Europe Short-term Missionary for 2024.

I am Christoph Knauseder from Austria. During my last year in high school,
God showed me His love in a wonderful way, and I no longer wanted to set money or wealth as a goal but to share God’s love with people. My little brother and I had plans to go to Africa as engineers and missionaries. Unfortunately, he died in a motorcycle accident.

Nevertheless, God held me fast and showed me His love more and more. I got baptized and served as a paramedic in Austria for nine months. Now I am at the Josia Mission School. I had applied for a degree in industrial engineering. However, God showed me through the Scriptures that we won’t have much time before he returns.

Now I have decided to glorify God as a student missionary at AFM. I am looking forward to serving in Cambodia.

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