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About the People

The Palawano are a tribal group inhabiting the mountains in the south of Palawan. They are cultivators, forest-foragers, and hunters who somewhat resemble Malaysians. The Palawano language varies from region to region but seems to have similarities to Malay. Palawanos live in huts that they make from materials found in the jungle surrounding them. They live in family groups instead of typical villages and tend to live with the wife’s family group rather than the husband’s. These animistic people are controlled by their fear of the spirits, and the children are taught to fear them from their youngest days. Mainly illiterate but bright people, their youngsters have a yearning to learn. On the other hand, the adults have a fear of change and cling tenaciously to the ways of their forefathers.

Frontier Stories

Hope Makes the Difference

This hope makes all the goodbyes bearable and all the sacrifice worth it. As we live our lives day by day, let us be intentional in doing all that we can to ensure that goodbyes are temporary rather than forever.

July 01 2022, 11:48 am | Comments 0


It reminds me that I, too, must stay so close to Jesus that truth is discernible and falsehood is made plain. I am also reminded that my people’s protection does not lie in my motherly heart but the heart of Jesus.

By: Leonda George
July 01 2022, 11:44 am | Comments 0

An Open Window

Please pray that the Lord will continue to protect and guide Jilin and Junie, giving them courage, wisdom and the strength to carry on this massive work of opening up a new area for Jesus.

By: Leonda George
June 01 2022, 8:55 am | Comments 0


Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us in helping precious people like Kirlan and his family.

By: Seth & Sonya Miller
June 01 2022, 8:48 am | Comments 0


I pray that I will be able to introduce them to each of you as we all gather around the throne one beautiful day! Will you please join me in interceding on behalf of the village of Perungsu’?

May 01 2022, 10:12 am | Comments 0

Pliding’s Teeth

I am so thankful to God for His help and love every day. I am also thankful to the dentist for her gift of dentures. God sees everyone. He knew I needed teeth. He knows the needs of others, too. Trust Him and take your needs to Him in prayer.

By: Justina Thomas
May 01 2022, 9:33 am | Comments 0

In the Hospital

I prayed silently for wisdom, and God really blessed the situation.

By: Sonya Miller
April 01 2022, 3:18 pm | Comments 0

Subliki, the Miracle Boy

Subliki is a living miracle, and we praise God for all the many ways He worked to save his life.

By: Justina Thomas & Carrie Hann
March 01 2022, 9:04 am | Comments 0

Exponential Blessings

Running labs on site had been a dream for quite some time. The problem had been finding affordable machines capable of operating on minimal electricity.

March 01 2022, 8:17 am | Comments 0


“What else can I do, Lord?” I cried out to God. “I want her so, so badly to feel better, but more than that, to know that You love and care for her.”

By: Laressa Farnsworth
February 01 2022, 9:18 am | Comments 0

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