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About the People

Approximately 3.5 million strong, the Malinke have spread across much of West Africa. There are populations of Malinke in Guinea, Senegal, and other countries, including Mali. Almost 100 percent of the Malinke people are of the Muslim faith. Kangaba, Mali, is a very significant place to the Malinke people. In the 1200s, a great king known as Sundiata Keita (the original Lion King) raised the Malian empire to greatness. Sundiata Keita made Kangaba his capital and built a sacred hut there that still stands today. Kangaba was known as the seat of the Malian empire’s spiritual power.

Imagine living your life in fear of the evil eye and other spiritual forces. Imagine living in a country twice the size of Texas, but with only three Seventh-Day Adventist churches. Imagine living your whole life in such spiritual darkness that you never hear the name of Jesus spoken. Such is the lot of the Malinke of Mali.

About the Project

Since 1996, there has been an Adventist Frontier Mission project located in Kangaba, Mali. Phillip and Naomi Polley, with their children, spent 12 years nurturing relationships among the Malinke. Homer and Debbie Curry, with their family, also spent some years in Kangaba. The efforts of these families bore fruit. For a time, there was a small company of believers worshiping every Sabbath in Kangaba. Although both families returned to the States in 2007, they left behind many valuable resources, including a complete set of Bible studies produced in Bambara, the local language, and audio Bible stories recorded in Bambara and French. Neil and Holly Lovitt also served on this project from 2008-2016. Now the Tooray family, just finishing up their training, will continue the work in Kangaba.

People-Group Facts

  • Population: 3.5 million
  • Language: Malinke
  • Religion: Islam

Frontier Stories

The Good Samaritan

Please pray for Sangare and our Muslim friends that they will discover Jesus, their Lord and Savior.

By: George & Theresa Tooray
February 01 2018, 8:42 am | Comments 0


Please pray for our Muslim Malinke brothers and sisters, that they will come to know Jesus as the Lamb of God who came to restore the lost kingdom.

By: George Tooray
November 01 2017, 11:35 am | Comments 0


Pray that Yanbourou will be the Nicodemus of the Malinke people.

By: George Tooray
October 01 2017, 12:20 pm | Comments 2

Building For the Kingdom

How is God impressing your heart to build His kingdom in those around you?

By: George & Theresa Tooray
August 01 2017, 11:56 am | Comments 1

The Angry Donso

Moussa’s desire is to become an evangelist. Please pray for him that he will stay true to his decision to serve God.

By: George Tooray
July 01 2017, 7:16 am | Comments 0

Community Outreach

We have been sent to point others to the promise of hope and restoration we all have in Jesus Christ. There are different ways the Lord can work through us to do this.

By: George Tooray
June 01 2017, 6:37 am | Comments 0

Plowing Deeply

Please pray for Asumanna and his family that nothing will take them away from their newfound faith.

By: George Tooray
May 01 2017, 5:38 am | Comments 0


As the women of North Africa sit patiently while their feet and hands are decorated, let us pray that they will someday open their hearts to be beautified by the Master Designer.

By: Theresa Tooray
April 01 2017, 9:23 am | Comments 0

Culture Shock

The American culture was a shock for us. In Africa we live a very social life. It was difficult for us as we lost our sense of group identity.

By: George Tooray
February 01 2017, 4:25 am | Comments 0


Please join us as we pray for Hawa that Jesus will reveal Himself to her.

By: Theresa Tooray
December 01 2016, 5:37 am | Comments 0

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