A Sabbath Journey

On the lighter side, join Conrad Vine and Bill Wells as they take a Sabbath journey in Northern Iraq.

Runtime — 4:24

You Can Serve

The Nearly 7 Billion people live on planet earth. One third of them have no way of even hearing the good news of Jesus Christ unless someone goes to tell them. See the great need of these neglected, unreached people. Is God calling you to be a missionary?

Runtime — 05:02

Pnong Bible Study

Snapshot view into a Sabbath afternoon Bible study with the Pnong people of Cambodia.

Runtime — 1:05

First Fruits

Adventist Frontier Missions shares the baptism of the first Seventh-day Adventist Christian woman believer in the Desert Garden Project.

Runtime — 1:08

Brick by Brick

Marc Coleman presents a field report from the Susu Project in Guinea, West Africa, where the mission team is using a dirt block-making machine to create bricks for the building of a new school and lay evangelism training center in Fria.

Runtime — 3:43

Outreach in Northern Iraq

Conrad Vine, president of Adventist Frontier Missions, explains the opportunities for refugee ministry in Northern Iraq.

Runtime — 1:36

Refugees in Northeastern Iraq

In the midst of a walnut grove Saddam Hussein once bombed, Adventist Frontier Missions explores the opportunities of refugee ministry in Northeastern Iraq.

Runtime — 1:36

AFM Syrian Refugees Project

Adventist Frontier Missions explores the possibilities of starting a refugee ministry to Syrian refugee women and children in Turkey.

Runtime — 2:19

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