Hoga of Gouandè Village

Hoga explains how God healed her and delivered her from the power of the spirits.

Runtime — 1:58

Pnong SDA School Dedication

Cambodia. Christensen Adventist Primary School. Dedication ceremony.

Runtime — 08:42

The Great River People

Visit to the Great River People in Cambodia.

Runtime — 14:15

Meet the Unreached

Meet the Unreached people of the world and learn what it takes to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. See the great need of the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Animist, and Atheist peoples. Join AFM as a missionary today!

Runtime — 6:15

Introduction to the Palawan Project

Ministry in the mountains among the Palawan people.

Runtime — 12:23

Trip to Highland Tawbuid Village 2017

John Holbrook takes hikes to a Highland Tawbuid Village.

Runtime — 2:52

The Gospel on Wheels

See how motorcycles are used to spread the gospel in Benin, West Africa. Features the Pendjari Project with Adventist Frontier Missions.

Runtime — 4:50

The Otammari Project: A New Spirit Within (Teaser)

Four missionary families have sacrificed to reach the Otammari people group in Benin, West Africa. This video is a taste of the full video available online.

Runtime — 4:16

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