Sydney Bell

Serving the Great River people of Cambodia as a Student Missionary from 2020–2021.

I was born and raised in California but I have been in Alberta Canada now for six years. I have been married to Ryan Bell for 3 years and I just finished a degree in Elementary Education at Burman University. I have loved mission work since I began going on trips with my youth group and my husband and I have felt a calling to missions for many years now but wanted to finish our schooling first. We feel that God has led us to work with AFM in this next year and we trust that his timing and his plans will be perfect.

Frontier Stories

A Child’s Joy

I’ll never forget that grinning little boy. He had so much joy as he anticipated what was coming. As I reflect on his beaming face, I see a picture of how I should always approach my time with Jesus.

By: Sydney Bell
April 01 2021, 8:11 am | Comments 0

Report from the first week of Training

Because of COVID, things are changing quickly. It is looking like we may go to a project in Cambodia until the new year and then transfer to our intended project in Palawan

By: Sydney Bell
July 28 2020, 3:14 pm | Comments 0

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