Report from the first week of Training

Ryan and I arrived here in Berrin Springs Michigan just over a week ago. We are praising God for His traveling mercies since we were not sure if we would get to attend and no one here got sick from their trip. We are also praising God that we choose AFM as the organization to go with since they offer this wonderful training and are currently the only ones moving forward with plans to send their missionaries this year. The many blessings at the training include 8 hours of class 5 days a week, challenges to grow our spiritual and physical life, new friendships, beautiful music, and so much more.

Over this first week, we have not only had great shifts to our perspective of missions but also a great shift to our mission project. AFM believes that it is unlikely that the Philippines will open its borders before the new year. Because of this, it is looking like we may go to a project in Cambodia until the new year and then transfer to our intended project in Palawan. If in January the borders of the Philippines will still not open then we will remain in Cambodia for the entire year.

We do not know very much about the project in Cambodia yet but we do know that they are opening a brand new clinic at the project and we will be assisting with that. As we learn more about the project and as things get finalized we will try to share more information. Please pray for us and the other missionaries launching soon. Please pray that God will open the doors to where we need to be and that he will prepare our hearts and the hearts of the people we will soon meet. Thank you for your love and support.

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