Orion & Keren Lawrence

Career Missionaries since 2014, serving the Ama people of Papua New Guinea.

We were both raised on mission stories, and as we entered our college years we felt God’s call to full-time mission service. We each spent time as student missionaries in PNG with AFM to confirm our call to lifelong mission service before starting life together as missionaries. Prior to joining AFM, we served as short-term missionaries in Zimbabwe, Nepal, Bangladesh and six years in India. We have been working among the Ama and May River peoples of PNG since October 2017.

Orion enjoys tinkering and fixing things, which comes in quite handy here in the bush. Keren has a love for all types of handicrafts. She is working on mastering the art of making bilums, the traditional string bag of PNG.

While many tribal groups live along the many rivers of the area, other smaller tribal groups live deeper into the jungle. Our dream is to see strong churches raised up throughout our region of PNG. In animistic cultures, it is often difficult for converts to fully separate themselves from the deep-seated customs of spirit manipulation and appeasement that filled their daily lives before they came to know Jesus as their Savior. Pray that we will hear and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we seek ways to disciple the Ama and May River peoples into new lives completely free from fear of the spirits.

Frontier Stories

Happy Helpers

I prayed for grace to accept God’s plans and to be thankful for the helpers He has placed in my life.

By: Keren Lawrence
April 01 2021, 3:22 pm | Comments 0

No Sabbath School Teachers?

Week after week I was asked to teach. I wondered where all of the teachers were. When the government loosened restrictions enough to allow us to all meet in one building again, the small groups came back to the church, and the teachers resumed teaching their classes.

By: Keren Lawrence
February 01 2021, 2:48 pm | Comments 0

Our Morata One Family

Please pray for our villages in the Ama Project area and for the Morata One Church. Also please pray that my ankle will heal so that I can walk well.

By: Keren Lawrence
January 01 2021, 11:14 am | Comments 0

A Meal with Janelyn’s Mother

I am drawn to this hard-working woman. Although our primary ministry focus is two day’s journey away from her home, she lives close to our transit house in town, and I pray that I can be a source of encouragement to her when I am in town.

By: Keren Lawrence
December 01 2020, 9:30 am | Comments 0

Relief Supplies to the village

A photographic journey of our trip upriver to share relief supplies with the village that burned.

By: Keren Lawrence
November 30 2020, 9:25 pm | Comments 0

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