Editorial: October 2023

Prayer is the most powerful way by which we communicate and fellowship with God.

Through prayer, God invites us into His work (Matt 6:9-10) and strengthens us against temptation (Matt 6:13, 26:41), helping us to be humble (James 4:10) and live for Him. By prayer, we receive forgiveness for sins and the grace to forgive others (Matt 6:12), glorifying Him (Psalm 79:9) and serving as a witness. Prayer can protect us and others (1 Tim 2:1-2), heal us (James 5:15), reduce our self-focus by thinking of others, and change circumstances (2 Chronicles 7:14) or at least give us peace as our outlook and response changes (Phil 4:6-7). Start your day with prayer (Mark 1:35-38) and continue throughout the day, praying over all things (Phil. 4:6) and without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17). God gives good gifts to those who ask of Him (Matt 7:11).

By the people of the Tonga project fasting and praying, God changed rain to sunshine and softened the hearts of local leaders so their evangelism effort could continue, leading to 22 baptized believers (Machu p. 10).

By fasting and prayer, the Sinim project team and church members heard God’s instruction and leading and are now opening a health café and center of influence to reach the people of Dragon City (p. 36).

By prayer, God extended the shelf-life and power of turmeric that Laurie Erickson gave a villager to treat intestinal worms naturally (p. 39).

In praying before and during their new campus prayer walks, the Alemans were led by God to two young people who were open to conversations and beginning friendships (p. 30).

Remembering how missionaries had taught him to pray and trust in Jesus, Bay-in Aton committed his stillborn son to Jesus in prayer and faith. Through the baby’s miraculous resurrection, the whole village knows that Jesus is the true God (Holbrook p. 28).

Pray. God knows what you are facing. He knows what the best solution is. Trust Him.