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Editorial: November 2022

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Thanksgiving is nearly here, prompting me to do just that—give generous thanks:

Thank you, God, for Your blessings, realized and unknown. You hear the collective prayers of the unreached, our missionaries, our support teams and AFM staff, and You guide our ministry forward in fulfilling Your great commission.

Thank you, missionaries, for bringing to the unreached the life-giving, life-changing good news of God’s great forgiveness, His power to transform and the promise of eternal life.

Thank you, AFM Board Members and sister organizations worldwide, for partnering with our home office and generously giving of yourselves no matter the hour.

Thank you, Dr. Conrad Vine, for submitting yourself to the voice of God and sharing His compassion and hope with the AFM family.

Thank you, finance and administrative teams, for processing donations, ensuring their wise stewardship, and managing our facilities, and day-to-day operations.

Thank you, human resources and recruitment team, for the countless hours and miles invested in discovering potential new missionaries, maintaining personnel records, assisting with visas and helping book flights.

Thank you, development and training teams, for cultivating our missionaries, strengthening our support teams and enriching our donor ministry.

Thank you to the field director team for tirelessly ministering to our missionaries while reaching the unreached in your own spheres of influence.

Thank you, communications team, for producing the missionary marketing materials, AFM website, our magazine, podcasts and videos.

Thank you, to those who receive calls from our donors, make them feel at home and make sure an issue is never missed.

Thank you, volunteers, who faithfully give their time and skill to review each month’s articles, send out our mail, and many other things you do.

And to you, our prayer partners and supporters, thank you for God’s blessings which you have extended to us throughout the year. May your hearts be filled with His love, peace and joy. There would be no AFM team without you.