Editorial: May 2023

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“The whole universe is watching with inexpressible interest the closing scenes of the great controversy between good and evil.”1

Watching. Closing scenes. This world and our lives are of great interest to all of God’s creation. Our testimonies often appear, even to ourselves, as parts of a play. Act One – Scene Three. Act Four – Scene Seven. Our stories unfold based upon decisions.

One act begins with a chance encounter — no, a divine appointment — and the character begins to learn about Christ. Another scene, another God-ordained appointment. Knowledge grows, and a decision to follow Him ensues. Scene change. Years later, an encounter with another of God’s faithful pilgrims leads to a deepening relationship with Christ (Wilson, p. 18).

Another scene. Another character. A man with a debilitating disease gives his life to Christ and leads his family to believe. Unable to make the rounds witnessing to others, his Christian funeral becomes a study on biblical understanding. Seeds are planted. A new cast of characters have decisions to make (Jara, p. 32).

In other acts, some backslide, choosing to focus on self (Nicholaides, p. 31). Yet, praise God; His love pursues: so a young woman, fearful for her father’s salvation, discovers upon awaking from a dream (Joy, p. 33), and a man in Benin, worn by years of bad decisions, can attest after beginning to attend prayer meetings (Baur, p. 40).

Yes, the thoughts upon which we dwell lead to the decisions we make and the scenes and acts in our personal life dramas. But, “what can be of more importance to [us] than that [we] be loyal to the God of heaven?”1

May we meet when Christ begins His new and glorious act.

1Ellen G. White, Prophets and Kings, p. 148