Editorial: May 2022

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The Bible provides wise counsel to all people, some highlighting special instructions for mothers. A godly mother speaks wisdom and teaches kindness through her words (Proverbs 31:26). Her true beauty comes from a gentle and quiet spirit abiding within (1 Peter 3:4). She guards her thoughts and actions and always remembers how God has led her so that her teaching and influence will continue to guide her children even when they are old (Deuteronomy 4:9, Proverbs 22:6).

Who can understand a child’s personality and temperament as a mother can? As children love companionship, a mother who encourages her children to share with her their joys and sorrows, taking time to listen and instructing with kindness, binds her children’s hearts to her own and does much to counter negative influences in their lives (Adventist Home 190.4, 191.1-192.1). We have seen this example of mothers many times in previous issues.

In this edition, Aria Ember shares a touching tribute to her mother, and we felt it timely to share it this month, the month we honor mothers with a holiday. “By God’s grace, one day soon, I will get to thank Him in person for the missionary He sent to reach me in the person of my mom” (p. 15).

Yes, a mother’s first mission field is in her own home—what a beautiful thought.  God has given the mother her work—there is no responsibility greater or holier—and the world is indebted to the mother who raises her children in the image of God (AH 192.1, 232.3-239.1, 243.1).