Editorial: February 2023

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Hey, college students! What’s keeping you from taking a year (or more) off from school and going to reach the unreached?

Do you feel too shy? Are you hesitant, thinking you don’t know enough or have the right skills? God helped Amy Reyes do more than she thought was possible when inviting students to become Pathfinders (p. 38). He also inspired Mallory Noble (p. 35) and Kaitlyn Wright (p. 17) with simple answers that brought smiles to their students’ faces.

Are you worried that you will have a quota of lives to save? As Sarah Newman has learned, if you use the gifts God gave you to do your best at anything and help others, your actions will glorify God and give the best witness (p. 18). As Wesley Judson points out, sometimes God calls us just to influence one life or to learn a lesson for ourselves (p. 16).

Are you anxious because you do not know what to expect? Ella Foster (p. 31) suggests that might be for the best. Read her article and find out why. Her advice blessed me.

Maybe you are used to living a certain way and are apprehensive of the culture shock you may experience. So was Eliza Moffatt, but God gave her the opportunity to choose an incredible gift. Did she take it (p. 42)? Will you?

God has given every Christian a call to reach others — in your family, school, work and community. But why stop there? Why not reach the unreached in this world who have never heard of Jesus Christ? Why not serve abroad as a student missionary? The experience is life-changing.

Kari Remmers learned to ask for help when facing difficulty with a task in which she typically excels (p. 25). Yonathan Suarez has determined to look for God’s mercy and love wherever he finds himself (p. 32). Véronique Charbonneau discovered something new — sometimes God waits to answer until the right person does the asking (p. 46). And Carolina Brooks has been inspired to slow down and savor God’s blessings in her life (p. 33).

So, how about it? One year? Two years? As Jared Ratcliff shares, “Jesus has invested infinitely more time and love into us than we can do for another” (p. 39).