Editorial: August 2022

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“Now is the time to decorate our hearts with unselfish love and stubborn kindness”—Alexa Sharma, AFM missionary.

Congratulations! You hold in your hands a success manual for life and missions—48 pages of inspiring stories filled with the habits of highly successful missionaries.
Success begins and ends with God. Start each day with prayer, surrender and rededication to God. Consecrate your time and talents to Him. Immerse yourself in Bible study and devotions. By faith, claim His promises.

Prayerfully plan your day. Ask God to direct your to-do lists. Establish daily routines, including family worship. Plan. Prepare. Be proactive and intentional.
Trust God, move forward and expect miracles. He will give you peace. He knows how to care for you.

Focus on others. How can you meet others, help others and pray for others? Let God work His plan and grow your relationships.

Be observant. How is God working and leading?

Tell others about your relationship with God. What does Christ mean to you? How has He pursued you with His love and changed your life?

Make the ask. Ask others to do something new, giving them opportunities to grow and give. Ask them to pray for you. Give them opportunities to say yes to Christ.

Grow through failure. Mistakes are opportunities to become better.

Have diligence. Be persistent and conscientious. Work hard.

Be a team player. Support others and accept their help.

Pray. Specific prayer. Intercessory prayer. Continual prayer. Big things, little things, all things. Pray for God’s will to be done and to glorify Himself. Ask Him to direct your prayer. Share your prayers and praises with others. Praises remind you of His faithfulness and lift others with hope. Trust God to answer.

May you be blessed by this how-to guide for winning people and influencing church-planting movements.