Saved to Serve

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What a joy it was to see our language helper, George, and his wife baptized at the conclusion of our youth camp this August. George has been an answer to prayer for us.
Fernand Bonnet, one of the local evangelists on the Malinke project, first met George, a Christian originally from Ghana, at George’s shoe shop in Bamako. Their friendship grew, and Fernand shared his faith with George. He accepted the Sabbath and the truths he was learning.

When we met George this past April, we knew he was just what we needed in a language teacher. First, he would stay in Bankoumana with Fernand and travel 35 km (22 miles) to teach us in Kangaba while his family remained in Bamako. But praise the Lord, George’s wife Fatimata and children were able to move to Bankoumana with George. They finished the Bible studies with Fernand and were baptized.

Brother George continues to help us with our language learning, and we plan to do medical ministry together by God’s grace; he has a heart to help the sick and poor. In fact, we recently had an unexpected opportunity for medical ministry together.

While we were having language class, Fatimata called. She had a fever and was feeling bad. We stopped class early and headed towards Bankoumana, each of us on a motorcycle. George has made the trip dozens of times, but it was my first trip to Bankoumana on a motorcycle, though I have made the trip numerous times in a larger vehicle. The road is quite dangerous, shared by pedestrians and donkey carts, speeding trucks, cars and motorcycles, and herds of cattle that cross unexpectedly.

We were driving cautiously, maybe 20-25 mph. Unfortunately, I did not notice a pothole in time and quickly hit the brakes. Much to my embarrassment, I lost control of the motorcycle and hit the pavement. Praise the Lord, both the motorcycle and I am okay. I mainly have a little sprain to my wrist. My accident has certainly scared Sonya away from motorcycles, seeing as she has yet to muster the courage to mount one. Perhaps I should instead say that she has had the wisdom to stay off motorcycles. Upon arriving at George’s home, we assessed his wife, prayed with her, and gave her treatment for malaria. Praise the Lord, she is doing better today.

We are fundraising for a much-needed four-wheel drive vehicle to mobilize our medical ministry on these dangerous and difficult roads. May God bless you for your prayers and generous donations.