Qualifying the Called

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God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called. I am a witness to these words.

It was early June 2023 when I felt impressed by the Lord to plan a youth camp meeting. I was really excited because I have been a facilitator at youth camps, and I have witnessed how the Lord transforms people’s lives. I love being Jesus’ disciple and sharing what I have learned to make more disciples for Him. I am also very blessed to serve with career missionaries who supported this idea and assisted me. Yes, I was excited, but I felt a bit unqualified to conduct such a big task. Still, I trusted that the Lord would help and guide me through it all.

The theme for the camp meeting was Les Yeux Sur La Croix, which means Eyes on the Cross. I felt compelled to choose this theme because we are living in the end times, and many of our youth are keeping their eyes off the cross and on the world. So, it was time to redirect their attention back to the cross. My team and I prayed a lot while planning. I wanted the Lord to prepare our minds and hearts and help us fully focus on the message we would share with the youth.

Little did I realize then that while I prayed to the Lord, I did not fully surrender all to Him. I planned the camp according to what I am used to. I did not consider the fact that I am in a different country with a vastly different culture — vital when planning such an event. If you are mindful, you will also avoid disappointment when things do not go as planned. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. When things did not go according to schedule the first day, I felt like quitting and canceling the camp. But Aunt Theresa reminded me about the cultural differences and encouraged me to trust God to lead the way.

God surely did lead the way because the camp was a success and a complete blessing. We had a little over 50 attendees. The youth and the little children learned much. The camp was filled with activities, including team building, sports, drilling and marching every day. For crafts, children made hand-sewn teddy bears. Seminars revolved around our theme. The highlight of the camp had to be the outreach. We dedicated our afternoons to picking up the litter in the community. It was a blessing to see the smile on people’s faces when they watched us doing such a humble act of service. We wore our camp t-shirts so all the glory would go to our Heavenly Father. We closed camp by baptizing six people (see Miller article to the left) and having communion.

I felt unqualified, but the Lord qualified me, teaching me so much. If you are a college student or young adult and desire to reach the unreached, contact AFM and start your journey.